Duplex Apartment in Paris

This Duplex Apartment caught our attention first with the amazing two-story Monstera plant then with it's simple and chic styling and open two story space.  Designed by Bernard Dubois, Boulevard Suchet is our dream apartment- and did we mention its in Paris!

Located in an elegant 1920's building in Paris' 16th arrondissement, this duplex apartment was conceived for an art collector. The previous renovation from the late seventies was in poor condition and the project had to start from scratch. Building structures, window positions and concrete floor slabs have been kept, while all walls have been removed in order to make a new plan. The common space of the apartment is centered around the double height living room. Stairs have been relocated in order not to disrupt the double height space.

- Quoted from Divisare

Interested in recreating this style in your space?

Flora + Form Painting No. 2 $600

Planter White Gloss $50

Flora + Form Ceramics No. 2 $40